For a year now we still not really know whether we want to flee or stay, leave or stay locked up.

A terrible year. Our first COVID’s year.

At this very moment we are listening to a French radio program on the situation of the Theater, women and men of the theater. Since March 4, the Odéon Theater in Paris has been occupied. And then the Théâtre de la Colline, and many other theaters, national or not. Occupied for a better society. Occupied because a show is worth 1,000,000 times more than a zoom aperitif. Occupied in the name of art and  in the name of life. In the name of art for everyone, without any discrimination.

The other day here in Menorca we were at the theater too, at the Principal Theater of Maó.

What a pleasure, but what a pleasure to have been there! To have seen, to have felt, to have shared laughter, to have simply shared … During that moment we felt alive.

Coming here to Menorca will certainly also make you feel alive because n a t u r e here is incredibly rejuvenating.
Come, come, as long as you follow certain measures, of course. We must understand that we live on an island, a small, limited territory where precautions must be followed categorically; so, first of all, to be able to come to Menorca you must be accredited with a PCR of less than 72 hours.

We are talking here about how to enter Spanish territory, then on the island of Menorca.

You must also have completed a form which will allow you to obtain a QR code * which will allow the local authorities to have your contact details so that they can contact you during your stay if necessary.

The links to complete the form in question and for more information on the subject are th following:

And then don’t forget that for your return to your country of origin you will most certainly have to provide a new PCR.
The following link will give you informations to know where to do a PCR in Minorca:

Everything is clear, right?

So see you soon then!

* quick response code

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