10 things you can’t miss in spring in Menorca?

Summarizing is never easy. It can even be reductive. And even more when it comes to making a list of preferences. Answering the question “what to do in Menorca in spring” is no easy task.

There is so much here, so many places and above all so many people that we would recommend.

So let’s consider this short list as a little snack and get closer to the Descobreix Menorca and Apunt Menorca guides for more information such as outdoor activities, film or music festivals, exhibitions, excursions, cultural life in general. …. you will find a lot of information in these two guides made with a lot of love.

So here is our list, in no order of preference and not exhaustive … … and then as far as the walks are concerned, we expressly give you the names only: take a map and discover these places for yourself !

1. chew through the woods and arrive at Pilar beach

2. visit the Blanca Madruga ceramic workshop

3. organize a horse riding excursion with Nina de Cavalls Son Angel

4. a vermut or lunch on the terrace of Trueno in Maó

5. walk through the Barranc d’Algendar

6. walk from Binigaus to Escorxada then swim

7. consult the program of the Teatre Principal de Maó

8. shopping with Sara de la Cereria

9. discover the treasures of the Menorca Jazz Obert jazz festival

10. take a walk to the Ciutadella market and celebrate the day with a vermut on one of the terraces of the market square

11. discover archaeological Menorca

12. shopping at La Maravilla with Ramón

13. contemplate the night sky with Javier, his team and Polaris

14. shopping with Marta in Paradís

15. a concert at the Claustre de Maó

16. sleep in Ses Sucreres or in Hevresac of course!

16 … impossible only 10.

When you come you will see … 16 and more.

See you soon!

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