It all started ten years ago with the Ses Sucreres project, a small and slow hotel with 6 rooms located in Ferreries, a town out of the tourist circuits and a local life really active. Ses Sucreres then represented a new and different place at a time when this type of accommodation did not yet exist in Menorca. We therefore embrace the visionary spirit of our initial approach marked by a deep desire to break out of the conventional models followed by classic hotel accommodations. Then an entrepreneurial, creative and undoubtedly adventurous spirit lived in us that has never left us since 3 years ago we opened a new space called Hevresac, a new 8-room accommodation located in Mahón, the capital of the island.

These two projects are defined by the free expression of our creativity applied to the reflection that we do on the meaning of the word hospitality.

Our spaces are sincere and unpretentious, local and global at the same time, dedicated to restless and open minds about the world.

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