Why do not we jump in the deep?
Why do not we transcend the comfort zone? And even if no reasons to do it, let’s do it.
Let’s become more transparent. Clear, more open and thoughtful. Let’s be worried and busy.
Submitting questions and proposing answers. Becoming more active. Making us reflections, being more self-critical.
Let’s do it.
We understand that our role goes beyond to offer a good and professional service to our guests.
We want ourselves to be active persons and committed citizens and this leads us to think about, to consider, to propose and to act. And this is the place where we will turn into open windows, transparent glasses and thin curtains not stopping the light coming through.
We intend to chare with you what we think about, what we are, what worries us and what moves us. Life, art, sustainability, social affairs…No fears and no taboos.
Very welcomed to our B L O G.
Be very welcomed. You can remain with us with your sleepers and dressing gown on or with a tie and a jacket. Please, rest with us anyhow.
We will develop our reflections, some of them risky but transparent after all. We will open up our doors as we had never done before. Come in, feel comfortable and apologies us if we ever make you feel uncomfortable.

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