It is true that travelling is the best antidote to prejudice.
If we can no longer travel, what does it happen? Do we build even higher barriers between us and the world?
Do we become even more prejudiced?
What if this new obstacle represents an opportunity to take a closer interest in the p e o p l e around us, the people we see every day
but we have not really noticed?
How about your neighbours, how about the lady at the bakery, how about your daughter, how about you son, how about your partner,
how about your parents?
Surely all these people can tell you a lot about their lives; even if just anecdotes.
If we know how to listen in a different way, with a new attention and a new intention, we also open our mind.
Taking an interest in the people closest to us also helps out us to combat prejudices.
It’s all a question of perspective and of h e a r t.

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