Don’t be afraid of the fear.
Say it openly: we’re afraid.
We live with uncertainty, unanswered questions and blurred horizons. And this discomforts us.
We come from a society where strength was supposed to be a virtue. Safety was a positive value and we all pretended living in safety and convinced of everything.
Now, masks are down, the theatre ends up and we see ourselves without the costumes of strength almost naked as we really are: human beings with fear.
We are afraid to say that we have fear. The society has made us vulnerable to the gazes of the others and has given too much importance to others’ opinions. We have created an imaginary where everyone can judge anyone where the one judging is perceived much stronger than the one being judged. This is why we had to ongoingly pretend to be stronger than the others and hide whatever could turn us weaker in the eyes of the others. A vicious circle, which prevents us to show ourselves as we really are and leads us to see the others as they are not so, being somehow forced to hide themselves to avoid any judgement.
Let’s benefit from this situation to terminate this perversion. No fear to have fear. We have it. Because we do not know yet how it will end up. We live in unprecedented times because we are touched and ignore when we will start up again. Because we are locked at home. Because a tiny and minuscule virus has produced the major downturn in centuries. And, we do have fear. And we confess it.
We have to live with this fear. Assume it first and then tame it so as to get the best out of it, as everything has a positive side. This holds a mirror in front of us inviting us to reflect on what we really are, what we do and simply what we want to be. The fear might be useful at the end. Look ourselves in the mirror to learn. Things have changed all over the past weeks. Let’s decide on which ones to conserve and which ones to leave behind.
The fear. Look at its face and verbalize that “yes, we do know you are here among us and we do make some space for you in our lives”. And once accommodated, live with it in family. Because the fear should not mean to halt us, it should mean reasoning, reflection and thoughtful actions.

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